Can You Boost Revenue Without Increasing Patient Volume? [Video]

Tue, Apr 12, 2016 @ 08:00 AM   Dawn Lunde   0 Comments

Today, we're tackling a question that has major implications for health care facilities and their executives. Can you boost revenue without increasing patient volume?

Medical Facilities Need to Adjust to New Atmosphere

Thu, Feb 05, 2015 @ 09:37 AM   Terry Hauer   0 Comments

As health care organizations look to accommodate more patients and improve the quality of care offered, it is important for chief financial officers to take a step back and recognize the best move forward.

Tags: financial management in healthcare

Healthcare Revenue Management: Is Your Revenue “Going Social?”

Tue, May 21, 2013 @ 12:30 PM   Terry Hauer   0 Comments

Consumerism is alive and well in social media. If you are not participating, you should be. Hospitals and clinics are B2C (business to consumer) organizations that can reap cost-effetive benefit from ‘going social.’ The key is how to turn your social activity into engaged patients.  Plus, now that the consumer is paying more of the bill, they’re more engaged than ever in their healthcare decision-making and how their money is spent on healthcare services.

Tags: patient payment, healthcare revenue management, patient pay, bill pay service, financial management in healthcare, collecting patient payment

Create A Culture That Says “We Deserve To Be Paid for the Value We Provide"

Tue, Mar 05, 2013 @ 01:11 PM   Dawn Lunde   0 Comments

In our society, many people take their health for granted. But when they have an illness or injury, they place great value on being heard, treated and getting better. Ultimately, healhcare at its core is to provide quality care that leads to better health, but without patient payment, your ability to deliver that care may suffer. So the business side of the patient visit can be equally important to ensure a good outcome. Do your providers and employees truly realize this? Does the staff understand how your growing accounts receivable hinders your ability to continue your mission and retain your employees?

Tags: Patient Payments, healthcare revenue cycle management, health care payments, patient pay, hospital payments, financial management in healthcare

Would You Pay For Something Without Knowing the Cost?

Tue, Feb 26, 2013 @ 01:13 PM   Dawn Lunde   1 Comment

As millions of Americans are back to zero on their deductible, or are new to a high deductible health plan as of January 1
st, patients will be asking about the cost of services. Are you prepared to answer that question? There are 3 important steps to take now - 2013 is the calm before the storm. The Affordable Care Act means that millions more consumers will be covered by a high deductible health plan by 2014. 

Tags: Patient Payments, health care benefit plans, patient pay, bill pay service, financial management in health care, financial management in healthcare

Internal Marketing In Healthcare: The Original Social Network

Tue, Feb 19, 2013 @ 01:35 PM   Terry Hauer   0 Comments

Today's healthcare organizations strive to engage employees more than ever. The goal is to have staff who regard the workplace as a bastion of passion and opportunity -- not just a place to collect a paycheck. Engaged employees are valuable in numerous ways, one of which is promoting the organization without even realizing they may be doing it. 

Tags: Patient Payments, healthcare marketing, patient pay, financial management in healthcare

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  • "We have so much more information available to us with SBP than with our previous service. It's offering our patients more flexibility, and happier patients are much more pleasant for our Billing Office to deal with."

    - Kurt A.
    Revenue Cycle Manager
    National Imaging Center
  • "The staff at Secure Bill Pay have been an excellent revenue cycle partner in assisting us with setting up our processes, helping us review and analyze our results and identify opportunities at our various locations. They partner with us to identify new solutions and services as we have grown. The reliability for payment processing has been very good and our requests for Customer Support are handled very timely and thoroughly."
    - Kathleen J.
    Central Business Office Manager
    Multi-Hospital & Clinic Health System
  • "Our volume of patient credit/debit card payments increased by 44% in the first month of the service compared to that same month a year prior (with the same patient volume). We attribute that to now having online bill pay and better ability to collect at the POS for all of our locations [where we had not been before], even the outreach sites!"
    - Terry M.
    Practice Administrator
    Orthopedic Spine Surgery Group
  • “I’ve been shocked with the success of the online bill paying program... Patients come to us in acute health care situations. Bill paying is not their highest priority. We didn’t expect so many patients to use Secure Bill Pay so quickly, but the statistics speak for themselves.”
    - Beth M.
    VP Revenue Cycle
    Large University Health System
  • "Before Secure Bill Pay, online bill pay only accounted for one percent of our payments. After just six months of using Secure Bill Pay’s no-login solution, that number reached 10 percent."
    - Jen R.
    Finance Manager
    Large Ophthalmology Practice
  • “The nice part about Secure Bill Pay is the breadth of tools available to manage the entire patient pay process. But the best part is the outcomes we’ve seen, including year-over-year double-digit increases in patient pay revenue that are not wholly due to industry or volume changes.”

    "The integration with our PM/EMR software is simply icing on the cake."

    - Steve M.
    Director of Business Services
    Large Integrated Health System
  • "Senior Management is thrilled with the numbers coming through due to our implementation of Secure Bill Pay."
    - Kim W.
    Business Office Supervisor
    Inpatient & Outpatient Psychiatric Facility
  • "The system was received with open arms at each clinic. All had a few questions at first, but as you said, it was simple to get comfortable."
    - Sue C.
    Practice Manager
    Large Nephrology Practice
  • "Secure Bill Pay has streamlined our credit card process. It has been beneficial from a processing end to a storage and search of record end. Certainly saves us time!"
    - Jackie F.
    Business Office Manager
    Dematology Practice
  • "It is easy to talk about a product and service we are totally happy with!"
    - Cheryl M.
    Practice Manager
    Mid-size Ophthalmology Practice
  • "We're impressed. Thank you for not being afraid of any question we may ask and answering it in a straightforward manner. This gives us more confidence."
    - Grant E.
    Revenue Cycle Manager
    Large Dermatology Clinic
  • "Secure Bill Pay  is a much more efficient option for collecting patient payments... It is a forward thinking approach for healthcare revenue. Dynamics have switched where we all need to think and act like a business versus a service."

    - Julie H.
    Director of Business Services
    Large Physician Group


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